Thursday, 15 February 2018

The Year of the Dog

Tomorrow is the Chinese New Year. The Chinese Zodiac runs on a cycle of twelve years, with each year named after an animal. This year is the Year of the Dog, which is seen as a symbol of loyalty and honesty, and people are said to have similar qualities to the animal of the year they are born in. Chinese New Year falls on a different day each year as it follows the Chinese lunar calendar, meaning that it falls on the first day of the new moon. The colour red is an important part of Chinese New Year celebrations, symbolising good luck and prosperity, so red decorations and lanterns are displayed in homes and streets. Another tradition includes sweeping the house to get rid of evil spirits, before putting brooms away on Chinese New Year’s Day so as not to accidentally sweep away good luck as well!

However you are celebrating Chinese New Year, xin nian kuai le (happy new year)!