Monday, 26 November 2012

Chunky Rainbows

It was a pleasure to open Chunky Rainbows this Friday, a new children’s shop in Corbridge, owned and run by Camilla Hornsby, an entrepreneuring young mum of one. Camilla is a former student of Prudhoe and has made the big step to set up her own business. If we are to turn this economy around then SME’s like Chunky Rainbows will be pivotal in this. I was joined by Corbridge Councillor Jean Fearon at the opening.
I have always said that it is my job to promote and support local business, of which there are many fantastic examples across my patch, and I believe we should all shop as locally as possible. Camilla has some great children’s gift ideas in her store and so I hope you will be able to pop in this Christmas and buy local.