Monday, 2 January 2012

The Bridges of Northumberland County

Northumberland is rightly famous for its amazing bridges across the River Tyne. After a 2 year campaign the rebuilding of the bridge at Wark is continuing and all credit to Councillor Edward Heslop, the Northumberland Council, and the band of brothers [and sisters] that are the good men and women of Wark, who have so long championed their bridge and their village [they are pictured at our first meeting in 2009].
The staged repair of the bridge is going well, but I learn that the bridge at Corbridge is also needing repair: it is iconic as the only bridge that survived the great flood of 1771 - which swept away all others. There has been a crossing here since Roman times and it will continue but limited only to 10 tons - which is still not bad, given that this bridge was built in 1674! Full credit to the local and county council for the work that they are doing.