Monday, 16 January 2012

The last great undiscovered wilderness trek in England and the delights of Allen Valley Fishing - more reasons to go to Allendale

The Allen Valley south of Hexham is a special place, full of fascinating people, and heavenly countryside. We are always trying to persuade people to come to Northumberland and see why it is Gods Own County and I am delighted to share 2 further good reasons:
- Hiking the Tea Trail: Isaacs Tea Trail needs to be tried and I am determined to walk at least some of it this coming summer. It is a magical 36 mile circular walk across the green valleys and wild moors, with stunning views across Northumberland and Cumbria. It starts in the magical hamlet of Ninebanks, then takes in Allendale, Sinderhope and Nenthead before heading west to the town of Alston, on your way back to Ninebanks. If you do walk it you will experience true rural beauty, with tranquility where the only sound is bird song, and you are walking through the living history of mining, methodists, tea, and so much more.
The Independent on Sunday describes how the "Tea Trail remains one of the last great undiscovered wilderness treks in England". And there are great pubs, tea shops and B+Bs en route
Full details on their website:

- The Allen Valley Anglers and Conservation Group, led by the passionate Paul Frear, are doing great work in preserving and promoting the River Allen, whilst also allowing locals and tourists a chance to catch a fish: I like their catchphrase: "join today, catch tomorrow!" Full details on their website
They are having their AGM on the 2nd Feb and I would encourage all interested locals and tourism professionals to go along. Parliamentary business means I cannot be there but Paul and Graeme have agreed to come fishing with me, when the season gets under way, and turn this competent amateur into something vaguely resembling a decent fisherman.
They are working with local pubs, and B+Bs and have "secured arrangements with 5 local businesses to sell fishing permits to visiting anglers," and tell me that they "are all geared up to start selling these with the start of the new season". They tell me that there are bigger fish than what Lucy has caught!
If you have not been to South Northumberland and the amazing Allen Valley I urge you to go.