Saturday, 14 January 2012

The flawed case for Scottish Independence

Alex Salmond, the SNP Leader is clearly a very wily fox, but any analysis of the case for Scottish Independence shows that the argument in favour is fraught with danger. I should say that I believe that our two countries are stronger together on a multitude of levels but a sensible debate requires an analysis of the consequences of independence:
- Cash: Scotland would have just 14% of North Sea oil revenues, yet no Barnett formula subsidy by Non Scottish taxpayers. Salmond being Salmond says he does not want to take back The Royal Bank of Scotland - that is apparently Englands problem: even though - in 2007, the SNP leader wrote to RBS boss Sir Fred Goodwin backing his takeover of ABN Amro — the deal which brought the bank down.
- What of Great Britain's National Debt? This was incurred by all the country. Is Scotland going to avoid paying its per capita share of the £140 Billion that we all owe?
- Europe: if Mr Salmond says he wants to join the Euro, then good luck to him. He would certainly have to join the EU.
- Defence: what of all the British forces, regiments and naval and air bases in Scotland. Every week we hear from Scottish MPs [mainly the nationalists] arguing that the defence programme in Scotland is vital to jobs and their local and national interests. Would they support all the costs as well.
- Health and Welfare: it is laughable to say that Scotland could afford the benefits, health and pensions system it now enjoys. It simply does not have the cash.

Finally you have to ask what the Queen thinks of all this? She is the leader of the United Kingdom. I am certain she has no desire to see her kingdom broken up.
Sadly Mr Salmond is like a spoilt child, who wants a whole collection of expensive cake, to be paid for by his parents, with no thought to his own obesity or long term health.

This debate is a really serious one. Mr Salmond is genuinely not helping his country and the welfare of his nation. His flawed idealogical ramblings, made for political gain, must be matched by the facts on every occasion. It would be a disaster for all of us if Scotland declared independence ... but most of all it would be a disaster for the Scottish people.
The Daily Mail's piece yesterday shows that you must always be careful what you wish for: