Monday, 2 January 2012

2012 - A foretaste of what is to come

Back at work on a beautiful crisp clear morning in London: 2012 clearly the weather is telling us the climate is changing!
- This is the year of:
March 20: Northumberland Day in the House of Commons, and our kickstart to the Northumberland Tourist Season
May 3: Boris will beat Ken Livingstone for the Mayoral Elections and finally consign Livingstone to the electoral scrap heap
May 13: Newcastle beat Man City and Everton on successive weekends to qualify for Europe
2, 3, 4 and 5 June: Queens Diamond Jubilee: Prudhoe will be the place to be over that weekend, given the advanced state of the preparations + what is planned
June 9: 150th anniversary of the Blaydon Races
July: London Olympics and the East Tynedale Olympics in Northumberland
August: our biggest Charity walk ever - as we tackle the Pennine Way - this will make the Hadrians Wall walk look like a morning jog.
November 6: Obama beats Romney to win the USA Presidential Election
November 15: Police Commissioner elections in Northumberland and all across England

The Alternative 2012 Highlights are as follows [this courtesy of Matthew Normans recent piece]:
George Lucas begins pre-production in March on Star Wars VII: Revenge Of The Milibandroids, with R2-D2 as David and C-3PO as Little Ed. Chucky, the serial killer doll from the Child’s Play movies, is brought out of retirement to portray Ed Balls.

After Nicolas Sarkozy loses the French presidential election in May, he blames David Cameron for his defeat. Upon being woken at 4am with the news, Nick Clegg releases a statement welcoming the socialist candidate’s victory. The next day, he issues a clarification, describing Sarkozy’s demise as “a tragedy for Europe, for which I hold the Prime Minister personally and directly responsible”.

In early July, John McEnroe and Boris Becker unite to make their annual pronouncement that this, beyond doubt, is Andy Murray’s year. He reaches the Wimbledon semi-final, and leads Rafael Nadal by a set and a break before… but some things you can predict for yourselves.

In September, after the 93rd emergency eurozone summit of the year in Brussels, Angela Merkel and the new president of France issue a joint communiqué celebrating the salvation of the euro. Relieved global stock markets climb sharply on the news, and 7.3 seconds later sink to their lowest levels since 1973.
More Europeans buy pounds...