Sunday, 29 January 2012

The Independent on Sunday focuses on Hadrians Wall and the Falklands

My job is to sell the wonder that is Northumberland: so I was delighted to read this mornings Independent on Sunday, which at page 26 features a 2 page spread on "My favourite place" - describing how we all trying to boost Britians fifth largest industry = Tourism.
I was selected as one of the ambassadors, and have featured Hadrians Wall.
The full piece is found online here, but the print version is bigger, with more pics HERE

The Independent on Sunday also trails Tuesday's debate on the Falklands and writes a background piece to the debate which quotes me as follows:
"Guy Opperman, Tory MP for Hexham, said the Falklands and other British territories should have a legal guarantee of self-determination rather than rely on the "whim of Whitehall". As tensions with Argentina over the Falklands escalate ahead of the 30th anniversary of the 1982 war, he said Parliament should pass a law guaranteeing the right of Britain's 14 overseas territories to choose their own fate.

In a debate on Tuesday, he will call on the Government to try to lift the Argentinian-inspired trade blockade of the Falklands. He added: "The Falkland islanders are rightly worried about this anniversary and the actions that Argentina is now taking to prevent access and trade, which we fear may escalate."