Sunday, 15 January 2012

Back to Hospital - for good reasons this time!!

Up early tomorrow morning to go to the National Neurological Hospital in Queens Square, London. Regular readers will know that doctors there saved my life in April / May 2011 by removing a non malignant tumour.
Last summer I raised money for the hospitals charity campaign by walking Hadrians Wall. I then increased that sum by telling the story of the illness, the amazing NHS care that I received, and the recovery you can make from a tumour.
The full story is on this link, and my thanks to the Mail on Sunday Health Team who made a large donation to the charity in return for the story:
I will be handing over a large cheque to the hospital when I see the Chief Exec first thing. Looking forward to popping in to my ward and saying hello to the nurses. Like all nurses they love chocolate - fear not ladies, your regular rations are on their way.