Thursday, 19 January 2012

Home in Hexham and the Daylight Savings Bill

Home in Hexham for a long work weekend - multiple surgeries in Hexham tomorrow and a meet with the Hexham River Hydro team, and then welcoming the Cabinet Minister, Owen Paterson, Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, to a do in Stannington Friday night, where he is speaking. Saturday am all day in Ponteland, with meetings about the Ponteland Green belt and other surgeries, and then Sunday I will be appearing on the new look Politics Show, talking about Police Commissioners and what we are doing to help victims of asbestosis.

Sadly this means I have to miss Fridays Private Members Bill Debates: few such bills get passed but I think there is a good chance that the second reading of my good friend Rebecca Harris' Daylight Savings Bill will get passed. If I were in the House I would have supported it. The economic arguments seem overwhelming and although the further north you go into Scotland there are arguments against the idea by Scottish MPs I have been struck that my postbag from constituents is clearly in favour of this proposed Bill.
For a more detailed look at the argument in favour look here: