Monday, 3 November 2014

Labour's £40m White Elephant - or is it £100 Million - to move to Ashington?

The facts that we do know are that Labour's new white elephant of an Ashington Council HQ will cost local Tax payers at least £40 million. Although it got worse last week when I am told the Leader of the Council admitted that for all he knows the figure could hit £100million. At a time when everyone is having to make savings and tighten their belts Labour's plan to blow £40 million on a white elephant new headquarters is madness.

Yes, we should be de-centralising services and returning jobs from Morpeth but you don't need to build a £40 million white elephant headquarters in Ashington to do that. The Council should be focussing on a genuine plan to put jobs back into Tynedale, not this ridiculous plan for a new flash headquarters in Ashington.

Local people will not be bullied or bribed into accepting their Council Tax being wasted like this. The fact that Labour are also not allowing scrutiny on this white elephant of a plan I am afraid tells you everything you need to know.