Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Breakfast with BBC Radio Newcastle live in Westminster

Got up at 6 to cycle in to be interviewed by Charlie Charlton this morning as dawn came up over the House of Commons. The eagle eyed will spot Big Ben in the background, and that Charlie is wearing her Children in Need blue coat, that was saved from a gunging in Hexham last year. I am in my cycling gear obviously! We discussed help for businesses, child care and the aspirations for the North East.
On child care the entitlement to free childcare for three and four year olds has increased to 15 hours a week. This equates to a saving of £2,200 per year.  For the first time, two year olds also get 15 hours of free childcare. Parents on tax credits can also claim back against additional childcare hours, saving them almost £6,370 per year. It is really popular locally in Northumberland. Now back in the Commons and will be helping guide the Counter Terrorism Bill through the Commons today.