Sunday, 7 December 2014

Air ambulances, including GNAA, benefit with VAT changes in Autumn Statement

All our Air Ambulances benefited from the Chancellor George Osborne Autumn Statement - as he announced that charities who work as part of the Emergency Response Services would receive VAT relief.

At the same time he also announced there would be a further £7.5 million pot of money in support of Air Ambulance charities across the UK.
I am chair of the All Party Support Group for Air Ambulances in the Houses of Parliament and I know that this will really make a difference to all Air Ambulance charities in the UK. It will mean that every penny donated by supporters will go that bit further which is a win win for all concerned.
Our work with the Association of Air Ambulances and cross party members of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Air Ambulances we have been lobbying hard to bring in VAT reductions for charity funded Air Ambulances.
The first success was securing VAT back on fuel used by our services.
This is a second success for the Air Ambulances as a whole.
George Osborne also announced a further allocation of £7.5 million extra support for air ambulance charities across the UK, using LIBOR fines.