Monday, 22 December 2014

In Westminster today and contact details over Christmas

In early to a very quiet House of Commons, trying to make sure all outstanding inquiries, requests for assistance and loose ends are tidied up, both in the Westminster office, in the Home Office, and in Hexham. I will also be in Westminster on most of Christmas Eve; our number here in London is 0207 219 7113; but both offices will be shut between Christmas and New Year, as we give all the staff a break. However, there is an emergency number = 07745 208 609
which will be checked daily if there is any problems that I or the team can help with over Christmas. Simply call either office and you will get the emergency number on the voicemail.
As I always say if there is any issue I have not got back to you on following on from a letter or email then please contact me again and I will double check it has not got lost in the system somehow. We are a tiny office receiving over 30,000 emails and letters a year. Everyone gets answered, but even with the best efforts, and a great but very small team to assist, things get missed or not followed up on from time to time.