Monday, 15 December 2014

Boris on the Cereal Killer Cafe story: do you admire their entrepreneurship? I do

Full story here:
It’s about a new café in Shoreditch, in East London, called the Cereal Killer Cafe – a place where they are selling any kind of cereal you want, 120 varieties and 13 types of milk.
As Boris puts it:
"Channel Four recently sent a reporter to cover the story of the Cereal Killer Café in Shoreditch – and he generally monstered the poor entrepreneurs. He was scathing about charging £2.50 minimum for a bowl of cereal; he mocked the proprietors – a gentle pair of bearded hipsters – for their pretensions to gentrify the area, and suggested that local people would not be able to eat there. He put the boot in, and I am not at all sure he was right to do so.

We should be hailing anyone who starts a business in this country; we should acclaim them for overcoming all the obstacles. It is a great thing to want to open a place of work in one of the poorest boroughs in Britain. We don’t need taxpayer-funded journalists endlessly bashing the wealth-creators of this country, and sometimes we need to be a little less cynical and a bit more encouraging."