Monday, 1 December 2014

Westminster this Week

The Counter Terrorism Bill dominates this week, with briefings today and the second reading debate tomorrow. I will then be in committee on the bill a lot of over the next two weeks.
Education questions opens the business today and we then consider for a final time the criminal justice and courts bill till 10pm tonight.
Wednesday is the autumn statement, whilst Thursday sees the backbench business debate on interest rate swap mis selling. Friday sees the last stages of the 0.7% International aid bill, starting at 9.30. I support the bill, and am trying to juggle my diary to be there. This weekend I am also doing an audit of all emails and correspondence over the last few months so if you feel you have not had a reply now is a good time to get in contact. The process takes half a day but is required because we get over 100 emails or letters a day and inevitably some get missed once in a while, despite the best efforts of the casework team.