Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Coalition government action on fuel, help for businesses and childcare

Radio this morning at 7.05 is live, and I am not aware of what I am going to be asked, but I know there is a pre recorded clip of locals in the North East asking about 3 issues - SME growth, fuel and childcare: these are my quick thoughts before the interview in 45 minutes.

SME and Business growth:
We in the North East are the region with the:
I) most tech start-ups outside London,
II) the fastest rate of growth in private sector businesses over the last quarter,
III) and the highest rise in the value of exports
Fuel Costs: throughout the parliament we have frozen fuel duty, and the oil price is coming down as well [Labour wanted to put the fuel duty up]. We continue to make the case to the Chancellor on this issue - a car is a necessity not a luxury in Northumberland. 
Child care costs: I am a big fan of the free childcare up to 15 hours paid for the by the government to parents of a 2 year old - this is really popular with parents I spoke to recently in Prudhoe.