Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Green Deal Report

Regular readers will remember that I recently held a Green Deal Summit in Hexham to discuss plans for the Government's Green Deal which has the potential to transform thousands of households in Tynedale.

Following on from the Green Deal workshop the Green Alliance have complied a report - Getting a good deal from the Green Deal - which contains the views from local communities, which they have published and submitted to the government’s consultation.

The report presents the conclusions from the three workshops they held in late 2011 it is available on their website here. Thank you to everyone who came for participating in the workshop we ran in Hexham.
The Green Alliance and the 3 MPs who were involved in the Green Deal Workshops in Hexham, Bristol NW [charlotte Leslie] and Redcar [Ian Swales] are all meeting the Green Deal Minister, Greg Barker, at the end of January to try and explain our findings and see to what extent we can assist the development of what is fundamentally a really good idea.