Thursday, 5 December 2013

Autumn Statement today

Fuel is a necessity not a luxury in Tynedale.
So I am particularly hoping for some help for families and businesses in Northumberland on fuel costs, which we have campaigned very hard upon.
Yes we will get the revised figures on the deficit reduction and the updated growth forecasts, and I hope we hear more talk about a responsible recovery from a responsible government which has to take the tough decisions to reduce public spending. I certainly do not want a return to Gordon Brown and "No more boom and bust ... mand light touch city regulation"

David Cameron made the point yesterday that his focus is on the long-term rather than short-term in his interview with the BBC yesterday saying:

‘We have been working to a long-term plan and what you’re going to see in this Autumn Statement is the next step in that long term plan – a long-term plan to turn the country around, to get us out of our difficulty with debt and deficit, and to secure jobs and recovery for all our people. A recovery for all: that is what we want to see.
‘Now, of course, we are going to be looking ahead to a time when, yes, if the economy continues to grow and, as it were if the sun continues to shine, we should be fixing the roof when the sun is shining – what the last government failed to do – and that means, yes, not just getting rid of our deficit but in good years trying to put some money aside. That is what Britain should be trying to do.’