Friday, 20 December 2013

The Euro is a busted flush

As the USA and British economies begin to find growth, jobs, apprenticeships and exports expanding the Euro continues to flounder and hold back the European countries which are part of the Eurozone. I can promise all cosntituents I would never join it. Monetary Union does not work. It matters to us here in Northumberland as we want the European economies to do better and buy our goods.

The economist Jeremy Warner puts it well:
"Rarely has the economic gulf that separates the English-speaking world and continental Europe looked quite as wide as it does today. While much of the eurozone remains mired in an economic funk, Britain and America are recovering fast, with rising demand and near record levels of private-sector job creation.

As if the last, crisis-ridden three years haven’t already given Europe’s policy elite enough to think about, this juxtaposition in fortunes must surely have awoken them to the truth: monetary union isn’t working."
His full article is here: