Monday, 9 December 2013

Uk is hosting the Dementia Summit of the G8 countries this Wednesday

Full details of this Wednesdays event which aims to develop co-ordinated global action on dementia here:
Whilst applauding the work being done nationally it is also right to highlight the great work being done in the Tynedale area. This is only some of the services available, but this was kindly provided by Rob Stewart of the Alzheimers Society.

Dementia Adviser
The Dementia Adviser Service provides information, advice and signposting to people worried about their memory, going through the process of getting a diagnosis and those recently diagnosed with dementia. The service is also available to families and carers of people with dementia. The service provides information and signposting relating to diagnosis, legal affairs, Power of Attorney, benefits, wills, assistive technology and services available in the area. It also involves liaison with multi-disciplinary agencies within the locality to raise awareness and promote further understanding and knowledge of dementia, significant developments and strategies.

Dementia Support Service
Following on from the Dementia Adviser the Dementia Support Worker offers ongoing personalised practical and emotional support and information for those living with dementia and/or for the families and carers of people with dementia. They support people to have a better understanding of the condition and its progression; maintain their independence; to enable people to talk through their concerns with someone who understands the condition; to offer coping strategies that will enable carers to adapt to the changing needs of the person they care for; to know what appropriate services are available to them as well as how to access them and to assist in accessing these services if requested.

Carers Support Group – monthly
This support group is an opportunity for carers of a person with dementia to meet together in a relaxed, friendly environment to discuss their caring role and its impact on them as individuals. The group aims to address dementia related issues as well as sharing coping strategies and providing emotional support and encouragement amongst peers. Personal experiences of health and social care services are shared, as well as signposting to these and other relevant services

Singing for the Brain – monthly
This lively, fun, stimulating activity is planned to incorporate social interaction, engagement and active participation for people in the early to moderate stages of dementia and their carers. The group is supported by volunteers and provides refreshments at no cost to the service user.

Dementia Café – monthly
There are 2 Dementia Café’s, one in Hexham and one in Ponteland. The cafes provide an opportunity for people with dementia, their carers, families and friends to socialise and to receive peer support from each other. Support and information is provided by the Dementia Support Worker and guest speakers will be invited to talk on topics of interest to the people attending. The emphasis is on information, support and to help people feel less isolated. The group is supported by volunteers and provides refreshments at no cost to the service user.