Friday, 20 December 2013

Tynedale Business network, Royal Mail, surgeries and school visit today

V early start in Hexham at 7.30 with local small businesses meeting at the Hexham cafe Mrs Miggins this morning, talking about everything from the government help to small businesses, the freezing of fuel duty, and any questions they have to raise .... with the cafe's brilliant bacon butties on the side to get us going.
Then off to meet the team working at the local Royal Mail depot in Hexham before a trip to corbridge   Middle school at 10.15 to talk to the school and discuss the sky sports living for sport campaign. I will be trying to pop by Hexham hospital on the way back into town.

Then before lunch I have long booked in surgeries on the arch cru financial crisis with constituents who have lost money in a terrible financial scandal. We are doing all we can to help them both individually as a constituency MP, and collectively as part of the All Party Group in the House of Commons - which makes up dozens of cross party MPs. There are issues as to whether individuals who have lost money should sue the offending companies or whether they should take the collective agreement that has been negotiated. That is their choice and I will be discussing the options with them.
Afterwards, I have further surgeries on a number of issues. Pleased to say I have a night off Friday evening, but have a busy Saturday and Sunday across the constituency.