Monday, 30 December 2013

2013 in review - September, October, November + December

Locally in September I did everything from the Macmillan coffee morning in Heddon, to the Sill project launch, to the great Scottish campaign week, designed to ensure that Scotland stays part of the UK. 

I spoke at events all over - from Aberdeenshire to Loch Lomond to Tweeddale and beyond. It was a fascinating week and well worth the efforts. 

October saw us full on back in parliament but I still managed to get home to make the Tynedale Hospice at Home charity fundraiser at Hexham.

In November we made skills and apprenticeships our priority and I helped Michael Egger open his new engineering academy. You can read my keynote speech on skills and apprenticeships in the House of Commons here:

Also this winter we have spent huge amounts of time supporting our NHS - whether it is my two visits to Haltwhistle Hospital [middle picture, with Local Councillor Ian Hutchinson], portering in Hexham hospital [pictured below with Barry, the head porter]or spending a half day with the team at the Haltwhistle GP clinic, along with multiple other visits and meetings with our Ambulance Service, Commissioning Group, NHS Trust and all the key workers who make the NHS what it is today. I never forget I owe my life several times over to the NHS.