Saturday, 3 January 2015

Team 2015 is transforming campaigning at the General Election

A great day in Twickenham today when 75 Conservatives came together in the pouring rain to campaign for local councillor and NHS doctor Tania Mathias, who is campaigning to win the Twickenham seat at the general election. The party chairman, Grant Shapps, MP was there today, both campaigning for Tania, and then in the pub with everyone later.

If you have not been part of a Team 2015 event you have not seen the success of an internet based campaigning group, backed up by Conservative Future and many locals. There are many future opportunities to campaign every Saturday between now and the election - get involved and change your country:
I will be part of several of these campaign days in target seats in the North East, Scotland, and all across England. Come join me.