Monday, 5 January 2015

Congratulations to NECC on their 200th birthday today Jan 5th

The year-long celebration, which will begin today on January 5 2015, 200 years on from the exact date the North East Chamber of Commerce was officially founded.

The NECC anniversary is an opportunity to celebrate what we have achieved in the last 200 years and imagine what we can do in the next 200. And we have much to celebrate in the North East. From education to industry, our environment to our innovation, we are at the forefront of so many areas, all this before mentioning how beautiful the region is. We must all make 2015 a year to remember.

How is the North East doing?
We are the region with :
-         the most technology start-ups [300] outside of London,
-         and fastest rate of growth in private sector business nationally over the Autumn quarter

Fact checker:
Technology start ups:

Private Sector Growth by PMI Output
The graph below shows the regional PMI Output Indexes for the UK. An average of the latest three months is used. All 12 UK regions registered an increase in private sector business activity on average over the third quarter of 2014. The fastest rate of growth was seen in the North East, while Scotland registered the slowest expansion: PMI = Purchasing Managers Index [Lloyds Bank]

And ….Worth making the point that we are also the region with the highest rise in the value of its exports