Thursday, 22 January 2015

22 January 1879 is Rorkes Drift day - 11 Victoria Crosses awarded -a British Army record

11 Victoria Crosses were won this day and overnight into the 23 January 1879. A study of the battle reveals why. Just over 150 British and local troops successfully defended the simple garrison against an intense assault by 3,000 - 4,000 Zulus. They did so with superior weaponry, a lot of guts, and a well formed defensive position, hastily erected. More details of the battle here:

If you get the chance ever to go to the battle site I urge you to do so; I travelled there long ago when hiking around South Africa and have never forgotten it. Failing that try and listen to Rob Caskie on one of his battlefield tours, when he comes to the UK this autumn. Rob transfixed the Hexham audience in October 2014 and 2013, when he gave a talk for Tynedale Hospice.