Monday, 26 January 2015

Westminster this coming week -Prudhoe High School, Matfen broadband and local constituents issues featuring strongly

Today I have a sit down meeting in Westminster to try and iron out the final details of the Prudhoe high school rebuild project in Westminster with Sport England and the Education Funding teams who are looking at the sport provision. This is at 4pm so I may miss the start of the latest stage of the Infrastructure bill debate, which will address a multitude of different issues from cycling, to planning, pubs and the fracking debate. We will be debating the differing parts of the infrastructure bill till 10.30pm. As always, I will try to listen to the debate as much as is possible before deciding how to vote, not least as there has been significant improvements, concessions and developments on all aspects of the Bill over the last few days.

Tuesday I have Treasury questions and a meeting with Sajid Javid on broadband, where I will be raising the specific problem of Matfen, and its lack of broadband, notwityhstanding the 80% sign up when local campaigners went door to door. I have already raised this with BT but we have more to do to fix the problem. Later in the week there is a debate on the Chilcot report into Iraq. Friday I am in the House of Commons for various meetings, and have constituents down from Hexham to the House of Commons, along with a variety of meetings.