Friday, 2 January 2015

Home Office business dominates next week as Counter Terrorism and Serious Crime Bills debated Monday - Wednesday

I will be in the Chamber a lot next week and am presently in parliament preparing for:
- Home Office Questions on Monday at 2.30
- The Serious Crime Bill which follows till 10pm Monday night
- Then the Counter Terrorism Bill which is all day Tuesday and Wednesday, when I will be in the Chamber seeing this bill through the last 2 days of committee.

I also have a meeting on National Parks on Wednesday, with various assorted experts including Lord Heseltine.
And a business breakfast with Northumbria University on Tuesday morning at 8.30 to discuss regionalisation ands the North East after the Adonis Report.
I also have a couple of other meetings and events on but am trying to be on the 8pm train Wednesday night as I have a very busy Thursday, Friday and weekend in Tynedale next week.