Thursday, 29 January 2015

RPC - biggest employer in Haltwhistle and a thriving plastics business

RPC are based in Plenmeller, and create a vast amount of sophisticated plastics products that are seen on the High Street, from Nestle to Unilever, as well as larger commercial plastic containers. Ian Hutchinson, the local County Councillor, came too and we are going to work together to ensure that local issues, like the broadband the business needs, and any issues with English Heritage are sorted.

There was a great atmosphere in the factory - with everyone purposeful and supportive of a longstanding local business. Best of all almost all the staff are from Halty, and many have worked there a long time; I met many of the team from management downwards as we spent nearly 2 hours in the factory chatting to employees and getting to know the business.
There was a good report on the business this week in the Courant:

RPC is the biggest employer in the area by a big margin. RPC is growing and I will do everything possible I can to help it thrive and survive.