Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Labour MPs in the North East want to borrow more and put us further into debt

The Journal reports today that a group of Labour MPs do not believe we should be trying to address our debts and get the deficit down. We have halved the deficit and taken some very tough decisions in this parliament but I do not want to pass on this country’s present problems to my children. We have to balance the books

The Labour MPs for Wansbeck, Gateshead, Easington and Blaydon have made their views very clear. They are, to be fair, to the far left of the Labour Party. Their policies are that of France, and more particularly Greece.

The job count in these countries are terrible, and their growth is non existent. And one final point:

- Countries like Portugal and Greece forgot about their deficit and suffered 17% and 14% reductions in their Health Spending.

- You can only have a Strong NHS with a Strong Economy and a Long Term Economic Plan.