Sunday, 25 January 2015

The French economy, unemployment and taxes compare very poorly with Coalition Conservatism

In May 2015 the UK Voter faces a stark choice, as to who should be Prime Minister, for which there are only two choices. There is, however, example of what we, here in the UK, would get if we voted for the two Eds to be PM and Chancellor. And it is France.

In France, run by Ed Miliband's friend and Socialist guru, Francois Hollande, they have:
- mega taxes [75%]
- businesses unable to grow or take on new workers
- unemployment at record levels, with shocking youth unemployment in particular
- and a country generally struggling to grow the economy

In this country we have:
- cut taxes
- allowed businesses to grow and take on more workers
- we, in the uk, have the fastest growing economy in Europe
- with employment levels that are improving all the time.

It is a simple choice in May. If you want an economy like France, unemployment like France etc etc vote for Ed Miliband and Ed Balls to run the country. I urge you not to, but you need to understand that there is mirror image over the Channel of what you would be voting for. As many have said before, why would you give the car keys back to the team who crashed your car in the first place?