Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Tony Blair in the Commons today discussing "on the runs" and his views on Ed Mili for PM?

Tony Blair will appear before the Northern Ireland Select Committee later. The topic will be ‘On the runs’, and assurances given, or not given, to former terrorist suspects. 

But, as always, it’s his unenthusiastic views on Ed Miliband and domestic politics that are exciting everyone this morning.

Nick Robinson of the BBC has released extracts from Blair’s interview with him for his new series on democracy. After repeated references to the need for ‘strong leadership’, Blair apparently is asked about Ed Miliband’s ‘problem’. “I’m not sure he has got a problem. That will be for the people to choose and, as I’ve said all the way through – and this is to take it from the philosophical discussion about democracy down to the next election – but I’m in the Labour party and I’ll be backing him.”

One commentator has described this as "not exactly enthusiastic support for Ed Miliband". To make matters worse Blair then adds that David Miliband is ‘a person of very strong convictions’.
Expect the is Ed the right man to be PM argument to run and run.