Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Delighted to do lots of Christmas Shopping at Cogito Books - Shop Local and support your local bookshop!

Every year I buy a selection of books for Christmas and ask the team at Cogito in Hexham for their recommendations. This is a selection of the 10 books I bought on their recommendation, which includes:
- Butchers Crossing: the second book of the American writer John Williams. His classic, Stoner, was reissued in 2003 by New York Review Books Classics and was my book of Christmas last year. That was a Cogito recommendation and if you have not read Stoner I urge you to do so.
- Alan Johnson's This Boy - the autobiography of the leader every Labour MP wishes they had! A very nice bloke as well.
- Alan Turing's biography - not much more to be said about this legend of a man who shortened World War 2. 
- and three fiction recommendations including House of Ashes, The Hen who dreamt she could fly and the House Cat - all highly recommended.
The fair point is that if you buy on Amazon they put bookshops out of business, and normally fail to turn up! Support your local bookshops in Hexham and Corbridge! 
My thanks also to The Orpheus Choir who kindly came in last week to sing carols in the bookshop. I was a very poor addition to their base section! They are well worth supporting, a very nice group and very welcoming of enthusiastic amateur singers: see here -
Happy Christmas.